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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Your Idea!

I've been getting some great feedback about the Nature Awareness Exercises in the sidebar. Some of you have told me about your experiences and have even expressed a desire to share comments on them. It is so fun and helpful to learn how others turn these exercises into personal activities that have helped in unique and clever ways! In an effort to encourage this type of sharing, I've taken your comments to heart and will now be adding these as posts.

The sidebar tasks will stay as is, however once the new awareness exercise appears, the previous one will be posted for comments. I've included the two most recent in this post and will pull some of the more popular exercises from the past to include as occasional posts as well. I look forward to your feedback--your words just might be what someone else needs to hear!

Create A Water Mandala
The next time you water your plants, clean out your pets water dish, or cook hard-boiled eggs or pasta, pour some of the excess (cooled) water—strain through cheese cloth to remove soapy water, pasta, plant or pet bits—into a wide, shallow bowl or extra large plant saucer. Collect older flowers from your garden, along with a variety of leaves. Gently float petals and leaves in a pattern or arrangment that emerges from your inner nature. After a day or two, remove the petals and leaves and pour your mandala water over some plants.

Moon Sketching
I’m a lover of the full moon—hiking in her bright light, camping, gazing…feeling its energy and invitaion for personal reflection. Try this under the next bright moon. With a sketch pad and some chalk, find a natural place to sit comfortably, such as a campground picnic table, your backyard hammock, a boulder-strewn area to sit or lean against the stone. No flashlight allowed. Let your eyes adjust to the night and begin writing, mapping or sketching your surroundings, or draw something that you feel, or catches your moonlit eye. Placing yourself in a different setting like this (if this is different for you) can really stimulate the creative process. Let the energy of the moon pull and tug at your creative flow and see what is revealed.

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