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Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Salton Sea

Inspired by a previous prompt “crunchy.”

The Salton Sea
I shut my car door and walk back upon the
familiar feel of the salty, crunchy blend
of fish scales, bones and barnacles shifting
and crumbling beneath my desert-worn soles.

I stand at the sea surrounded by desert,
yet there is not a grain of sand
at this beach made of 'once living things.'
The sun-bleached remains are prolific.
It is a place poised in death, of desert-worn souls.

Mingling among smooth, mute bones
are coarse stones of frothy pumice,
an ancient colloidal foam of primordial creation,
solid and floating upon a parched and
bloodless beach, a dessicated, worn sol.
~M. Hedgecock

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