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Let Nature Be Your Muse MeetUp Group

I invite you to join the Let Nature Be Your Muse MeetUp group. It's perfect for those just beginnig to make time for their creative spirit and for those who are seeking an alternative approach to jumpstart their creative talents! You'll find a nice variety of creatives here, we are a very supportive group, and you'll have plenty of  fun ways to connect with nature as a way to boost your creativity. Here's a little about the group from our welcome page: 

I believe our personal experiences with nature (in any capacity) can lift our inhibitions and open us up to a new source of creative inspiration. The purpose of this group is to share ideas, workshops, and experiences that get members connected with nature for enhanced creative expression. I firmly believe EVERY person is creative! This group is the perfect opportunity for you to discover your personal creativity in a fun and playful way...[while you] enjoy a unique, nature-inspired outlet with like minds.

Click here to join (it's all free), to meet members, learn more about the group, and/or see our calendar of exciting and unique upcoming events!

What others are saying about the group:
“Michelle, The Nature Coach, has so many unique creativity tool to share.”
—Michele Andres

"I had not been particularly guided by nature in my past work - however with the interaction of the group, I was motivated to actually open my eyes more to the natural world around me....and I am already planning a nature-related Alphabet book of illustrations...."
--Alhena Scott

"There is a lot of potential for creative development with The Nature Coach and the group.

"I think this is a great idea! Wonderful events for all ages and I look forward to meeting new "like minds" Thank you Michelle....your activities are so unique....gently encouraging us to stretch our self imposed creative boundries. At 60 + I appreciate discovering new facets of my creativity in a non threatening way. As an aside, I have to admit I was skeptical about this "Meet-up" thing. I was half expecting sale pitches and hard sells. I of coarse, was wrong. Just informal fun and like minded people getting together in public places (extaordinary location for the Moon Sketch) Michelle graciously makes everyone feel at home and then we are off....discovering the wonders that wait!"
--Nancy Salvatierra

"Very creative and inspiring! Michelle is so generous and fun!"
--Laura Huff

Click here to join (it's all free), to meet members, learn more about the group, and/or see our calendar of exciting and unique upcoming events!

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