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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Nature Doodles

As a new “Nature Time” is added to the sidebar, last week’s Nature Doodling is up for comments.

Doodling seems to really be making a comeback in the art world. In addition to being recognized as a valued artistic expression, it’s a great creative warm-up, mental wind-down, meditation, or creative exercise that anyone can do! This week, look to nature for doodle-like impressions. Examples might include: beetle tracks, spider webs, water stains on canyon walls, dendrites (mineralizations), larvae scars on old logs…you get the idea. Find an example of a nature doodle & copy its original, natural form/lines onto your paper. Enhance the original nature doodle by adding your own doodle art for a unique expression of creative “nature.”

Image: Leaf miner tracks. Credit: Martin La Bar via a Creative Commons license.

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