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Monday, March 8, 2010

Soul Expression

“Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.”
 ~Henry Ward Beecher
There are many things that might inspire...an overheard joke between siblings, the glimpse of color that flashes within a chipped crystal, a cottontail rabbit nibbling on a stem of brittlebush, or the crisp night air that pulls you home after a cozy night out with friends.

Are these the same sources of inspiration that evoke the deep and personal responses that fuel moving works of art or captivate us through beautifully written words? I have found that when I've read something honest, somewhat raw, something you can feel was written from deep within an emotional place, it stays with me. I want to absorb it in and feel it--survive it in a way--in order to experience the strength of the author--could I be that strong?

I've noticed that I've also received the most feedback when I've "therapeutically" shared some deeply personal experiences on paper. Is it that others can relate to this shared experience on some level, or are we moved by the will, the authenticity we feel in someone's written (or painted or...) expression?  
  • Are we moved more by expressions of pain or joy, celebration or suffering?
  • What is it about your favorite works of art, novels, or music that truly moves you?
  • How does this resonate with your own creative process?
  • Do you need these same experiences to inspire you to create equally provocative works (shared or not)?

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